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. closer to north america. it's position in space is that teens. for complete coverage of the disaster in japan say with wgn if a lot of our site >> several people have been injured in a fire and water neighborhood robert jordan live from the scene. >> we will try to reestablish contact with robert jordan will little later on. coming up next the trial of the woman accused of killing a pregnant girlfriend of former bears player shaun gayle . >> former police commander burge getting to jail and find out who he will be doing time with them up chicago reaches a deal with two major air carriers to continue expansion at o'hare. . >> this is wgn midday news. so i take one a day men's 50+ advantage. it's the only complete multivitamin with ginkgo to support memory and concentration. plus it supports heart health. [ bat cracks ] that's a hit. one a day men's. looking for a simple way to help lower your cholesterol? try benecol spread - a heart healthy alternative to butter. benecol contains an ingredient that helps block cholesterol absorption and has a delicious, buttery taste
viewers on wgn america as well as online. judy is comparing prices and joins us now from the lincoln park neighborhood with more on our top story. >> good afternoon. 4.09 the price for regular unleaded at the station. industry experts that prices will continue to climb and tapping into the oil reserves is something our president is seriously considering them up the issue of the reserve is one we are considering and is something that is only in very rare occasions. a bunch of factors have to be looked at. it is not just the price. . >> pump prices went up 33¢ in just two weeks which is the second-biggest spike ever the other one being after hurricane katrina. according to latest surveys the national survey is 3.51 and is about 3.75 in chicago but many local stations are closer to the $4 market not over. the oil reserve as more than 700 million bar. of oil and was created in response to the oil embargo during the 1970's. with the some of the oil after the first gulf war after hearst's king gustav and working katrina. . >> the problem is we need to solve the problem or spending on fossil f
america and on the web. nancy is a light and the far south side this afternoon with the latest. police are still here on the scene and taken from a suspect was shot dead this morning by an off-duty officer. that department veteran called 911 and just after 8:00 this morning after confronting an armed intruder in his home at princeton. the officer identified himself and opened fire when the suspect threatened him with a sharp object. neighbors say that break-ins have been a problem in recent weeks with criminals targeting air-conditioning units for their valuable copper parts. those who heard the commotion distorting said the officer reacted properly. i i heard the police officer yelled a stop in and fired three shots. . >> the identity of the man shot and killed as not yet been released. said to be in his '40's. the off-duty officer was not hurt. live on the far south side back to you. >> the latest on the developing story 11 people have been hard into seriously when the shooting ends with a car crashing into a bus. witnesses told police that two men jumped out of a red truck and start
tune in on wgn america and watching us online. in our top story or a quick answer not because the nuclear crisis in japan by knocking out power to cooling systems at one complex. since then four of the six reactor units have of fires explosions or partial meltdown spring water of the reactor units trying to prevent the fuel from overheating and releasing radiation japan increased in nuclear threat to a level 5 on a scale of 7. the japanese government in acknowledging the quick and tsunami totally overwhelmed it hurting its response to the nuclear crisis that the quicken tsunami taking a major toll on human life. nearly 7000 confirmed dead and about 10,000 still missing. 90,000 to rescue teams looking for survivors and victims and about 500,000 people living in shelters. >> after a week of worry about the stickers on cynthia clemens is breathing a sigh of relief. the chicago man missing in japan was found. edward clemens had been speaking english and teaching in the city of sendai when the earthquake struck. he called his mother this morning to say he was taken out of harm's wa
damage power plant could afternoon and steve. >> 9 dina coming our viewers on wgn america and watching us on the web. did the national police agency reports over 5400 rat confirmed dead and more than 2400 listed as injured and more than 9000 people reported missing japan use helicopters fire trucks and water cannons to or water on the no. 3 reactor at the fukushima power plant. efforts will continue throughout the night to keep the reactor and a pool of spent fuel rods from overheating. officials working to resolve cooling problems at four of the six reactors ever since there were damaged by the earthquake. >> based on the operations we believe that it will help to cool down and based on the data we will receive from the government task force will be able to verify whether the mission has been met with success. >> international atomic energy commission says at least 20 people have fallen ill because of possible radiation poisoning in addition to 19 injured and two missing at the fukushima power plant them up boosting american citizens removing them from the aftermath of the tsunami. the s
>> thank you mr. president of like to discuss libya. >> we are welcoming our viewers on wgn america you're listening to a live news conference from president obama. >> if he follows through with the khadafy regime is in the united states simply stand by and does nothing and i say that in light of the fact that in the past you have said that there are times when a brutal government is massacring its own citizens that the united states as a moral obligation to intervene militarily. . >> i continue to believe that not only the united states but the international community has an obligation to do what it can to prevent a repeat of something like what occurred in the balkans. in the '90s. what occurred in rwanda and for example maintaining 24 hour surveillance of the situation there for us to have some sort of color system. if you start seeing defenseless civilians a piece of civilians being massacred by gaddafi's forces. obviously we're going to have to look at what develops on the ground on a case by case basis and i do not want to generalize right now and say that is what is happening
. good afternoon i am, negovan i'm dina bair and we are welcoming our viewers on wgn america and watching on the web. more on our top story. . >> good afternoon state officials notified of this nursing home that they plan to revoke its license. they don't want another tragedy to occur. the village north nursing home on sheridan road has about 90 children and young adults with severe developmental disabilities. a series of investigators and said 10 years of neglect and that cured eight serious violations just since january of 2008 and 13 residents have died since 2000 and cases with citations for neglect or failure to rule out to neglect one example was a boy who died in 2009 who died of bulk obstruction. he was sent home two days in a row they did not bother to call a doctor into just several hours before he died. in monitoring team will be assigned here to observe how residents are treated. some people say treatment is less than satisfactory. a boy with cerebral palsy his head and officials said that it was a classroom but he took into the hospital where he required three staples as a re
welcome our viewers around the country and wgn america and watching us on the web. japan's prime minister calls the situation grave and serious. officials say a suspected brake in the core and one reactor would be a major setback at this facility. the prime minister expressed sympathy for three workers were taken to hospital after being exposed to dangerously high levels of radiation. . >> in tokyo and osaka and other areas of japan. risking their life to engage in a variety of activities i would like to show my sincere respect and gratitude for their efforts. . >> the military ship is bringing in fresh water to lower temperatures and prevent further emission of radioactive materials. the nation's death toll as of over 10,000 in more than 17,000 people are still missing. this afternoon illinois senators turban and kirk and and safety in illinois. of the working nuclear reactors in six sites more than any other states and it's about half of its electricity from nuclear power. >> of france's to clear the air space under control this afternoon after nato agreed to take command of the no-fly
viewers around the country and and w g n. america and on line. in his life with the latest. >> we are getting new details into the investigation about what allegedly happened to with two officers with it in the 23rd district picked up a woman the alleged victim crying and walking alone on early wednesday morning. sources say that the uniformed officers in their '30's picked up a 22 year-old victim near grand though. according to the sun-times she had just left a friend's house when she began arguing and drinking. she reportedly told police that she had sex with one of the officers in the squad car and then had sex again when the three of them arrived in her apartment and she reportedly told police that she felt intimidated by the officers to say no. she ran to our neighbors and called police to stake into an area hospital for treatment police released a statement saying that the investigation is ongoing and he accused officers had been relieved of their police powers. the allegations are egregious and taken very seriously by the police department. the delegation should not oversha
and welcome our viewers on wgn america and on the web. randy is lives in highland indiana with our top story. >> good afternoon and friends say the absence from her medical office is very unusual. police are not ruling out any possibilities. the doctor is a highly ophthalmologist and as she had been seen on monday night leaving her office at 7:00 and police have her baking heat video night deposit at the bank. she did not show up for scheduled rounds on tuesday morning with concerned her colleagues are step. no self loan or credit card activity for the past week and no one at her home. she lived at our home for the past years alone until in adults some moved in from california she's about 5 ft. 1 in 130 lbs. with brown eyes and brown hair and family from media called police when they're unable to contact her. . >> she is always here. she will call it at least twice to see how the office is doing. and is unusual for to simply not come in. . >> police are seeking for 2001 toyota that could have one of two licensed place the plea for mercy on scar has been removed to read it could be in indiana
reactor reached at a power plant. good afternoon i'm steve. >> i'm dina coming our viewers on wgn america and watching us on the web. latest developments in japan our top story. the interest levels of radiation escaped from the nuclear power plant to date after the third explosion and buyers on saturday. authorities warned people living within 20 mi. to stay indoors and not drinkwater. rhodesian level readings have not decrease at the plant. . >> up we need now for everyone to move out of the 20 km radius from the no. 1 plant. we would like to ask you to remain indoors at home or in your offices. >> as the crisis deepens damage to nuclear plants stocks are plummeting in japan for the second straight day over concerns that the earth quicken tsunami could have a prolonged effect on the nation's economy them out the death toll in japan from the magnitude 9 earthquake in tsunami is soaring. more than 3300 are confirmed dead and 2000 injured more than 6700 are still missing. cold weather increasing hardship for victims and rescuers and conditions expected to get worse. below freezing temperatu
today in a courtroom. good afternoon i'm steve. >> i'm dina we welcome our viewers on wgn america and on line. we are like an waukegan with our top story. >> that we this is a friend of the defendant and she is a psychic and tarot card reader and she told the court that more than once she tried to persuade yang who abandoned plans to tilt reuter to no avail and she said multiple times about our prostration with former bears player gayle and his pretense that she was the only one in his life when he actually had many women and reuter was pregnant with gayle's child. telling jurors on the night before yang lip exceeded her plans is said that she spent the night that she carried out the planned she would call passionate work in invite her to dinner and that would be the code word that the deed was done. jurors heard a tape of that promise call which came in about 9:00 on the morning that the killing took place. on that tape you could hear yang asking the witness to you want to go to dinner and the witness replied yes and yang said that is fine w later. the prosecution as to when his
japan could spread to america has cost a run on geiger counters. the chemical gets saturated in the thyroid preventing the6 c1absor3 body. >> when they know there is a reason to give it to people will pick up the iodine. any other iodine will just be eliminated from the body. >> the supplements are available in health food stores but they say any radiation thata health risk. a glass of red win3 might protect you from radiation. those with a minimal exposure should drink more winey ingredients. experts say it is3 more a effective when combined3 with alcohol. exercise can the big good but new research suggests it could bulk up your craving for sugary foods. those who engaged in 60 minutes of foods. they had an increase3 craving for things like cake ang to make up for the burned calories but they say a lot of next. we are learning how to3 make for cheese ravioli from scratch. ve oar we have a treat in a lunch break. we are going to make homemade ravioli. >> tomorrow is italy's birthday and we're celebrating that. we have a celebration to mark3 night. >> the big italian meal cele
viewers tune in and across the country by wgn america and watching this on the web. we go live with more on this top story. >> the judge came down hard on the two men charged bond was set at $750,000 for steven johnson and $500,000 for daniel drucker. between february 26th and 27 as it does happen that a children's birthday party at the home of johnson's mother. the 19 year- old lives with his two year-old child and the supervisors sent the 11 year-old girl to get blankets when the attack allegedly happened. (audio cut out) later that day she cried out with the details of what had happened. dna evidence was found in a mattress in the basin johnson admitted to the results and the other suspect is admitted to contact with the girl. both work for a business in cold plate in trade and both have criminal records. the victim's family was here as well and they left without a word. the two men are due back in court in march 23rd. back to you. >> a student at west high school charged with raping a girl facing a judge in a pretrial hearing the arraignment was set for marks the march 17th. they ar
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welcome our viewers tuning in on wgn america and watching on the web. we're live at the courthouse with the latest. >> the defense suffered a setback for things could ever get under way. the judge barring the defense from introducing any testimony that would advance of what could be a key argument that detectives aired and almost immediately to one on yang and rowling help the other possible suspects. the judge says there has been no evidence presented that there could be anyone else involved besides yang and prosecutors said that gayl,e that has had nothing to do with the murder but gayle mated to having a two year-old sexual relationship with yang and that creates a credibility problem because he denied having a into a relationship publicly. the murdered girl friend in 2007 was with this same moment. the gayle is a important because he can talk about both women but he may not be the most sympathetic witness which could hurt his credibility. he admits that he had sex with yang the very night before the murder. there isn't it also the muted reaction that there is a murder in deerfi
this on the web and on wgn america. we have details on our top story. >> behind closed doors we do not know if the governor nor has it signed a bill yet. if so we become the 16th state without the death penalty. . >> weeks of indecision and listening to both sides, governor quoin is expected to sign the bill banning the death penalty in illinois. a landmark bill abolishing the death penalty pass through the legislature back in january and has been sitting on the governor's desk waiting for his signature. early on he said he would act only after hearing from those for and against the death penalty. the governor campaign in support of the death penalty say reflected the values of ordinary people but he apparently had a change of heart. illinois has not executed in over a decade. 11 years ago former governor ryan imposed a moratorium. in prison he said it too many mistakes have been made after more than a dozen people had been sent to death row and later found to be not guilty. . >> up has been tight-lipped about his plans a news conference is scheduled at this hour and the governor has said h
'm steve. >> i'm tanya and we welcome our viewers watching us on wgn america and on the web. juliasn is live with the latest. >> thank you. detectives say they have a number of surveillance video is that they are reviewing and so far no word on any suspects in custody. all we have the discipline in time is that he is somewhere between the ages of 17 and 30 and he was seen wearing a black jacket with the letters ws on the back. continue searching for witnesses and the suspect those who knew her coming to the scene of the tragedy. the fullerton el station trying to come with terms with a loss that my mother to everyone in my wife were shocked and she treated our kids like their our own. >> she would be very mess. . >> happened monday afternoon at 415 police say a fee to snatch stand iphone and then collided with her on the stairs sending her tumbling down. she was rushed to advocate medical center and died from injuries to her head from the fall. . >> it makes no sense. . >> understandably her family is in shock. . >> unbelievable that someone can do this over a stupid phone. . >> iron
viewers tune in and on wgn america and watching online. julian is alive with transition details at police headquarters. >> terry hillard confesses that he was shocked to get a call from rate mayor daley but the interim superintendent has not wasted time. meeting with top commanders at this time. . >> i did not sleep last night but it does feel good. this is a dynamite department and very dynamic. and a department i love dearly. . >> for the former chief of detectives who rose through the ranks is leading the department once again leading chicago's police force for the next two and a half months. mayor daley tapped into hillard to serve as interim chief to replace weis who abruptly resigned yesterday weis had tried to get a contract decision but mayor daley was not ready apparently rahm emanuel said he was ready to replace weis to add more administrative positions at the top while not adding beat officers. rahm emanuel said there was a need for officers not bureaucracy. also weis really had resistance from local officers who claimed he did not have the back. also weis had a streak of succ
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